Work Packages

WP1: Design parameters and system architecture. The aim is to define the requirements of the end users, the evaluation protocol, the definition of the use cases, the Architecture of the integrated system, its technical specifications, the procurement and installation of equipment.

WP1.1: Design parameters
WP1.2: Architecture and system specifications

WP2: Creation of an Interactive Storytelling for Documentation and Promotion of historical cultural elements. The goal is to collect material for digital content and create static and dynamic digital content Interactive Storytelling
WP2.1: Collection of Material for the Digital Content of Interactive Narration & 3D Virtual Objects-Environments
WP2.2: Creating Static Digital Content of Interactive Narratives
WP2.3: Creating Dynamic Digital Content of Interactive Narratives

WP3: Creating a Virtual Environment of Immersion and Augmented Reality. Interaction with Virtual Environments. The aim is to create content of the Virtual Immersion and Augmented Reality environment, to stimulate the human senses for efficient and effective interaction with virtual environments, the synthesis of appropriate stimuli and movements to develop tactile performance and movement performance respectively so that the user can feel the physical properties of 3D virtual environments to interact with them with movements like in the real world and the development of tactile and visual interfaces for handling 3D virtual objects
WP3.1: Creating a Virtual Immersion & Augmented Reality Environment
WP3.2: Interaction with Virtual Environments

WP4: System Integration, Testing, Evaluation and Application Optimization. The aim is to integrate the system, test the prototype in real conditions for use cases, evaluate by end users and create a final improved system.
WP4.1: System integration
WP4.2: Test of the integrated CuRVE system
WP4.3: Evaluation & Optimization of the consolidated systemic. Creation of the final CuRVE application

WP5: Obtaining a Patent