The expected results of CuRVE, which can be used, are:

• Individualized tour and interaction in a virtual environment of immersion of cultural interest, using VR and ST technology

• Individualized tour and interaction in an augmented reality environment of a demonstration laboratory of a Cultural Organization, using technology of AR and ST

• Virtual display of environmental scenes, 3D static and dynamic objects of cultural interest, with AR and VR technology

• Development of tactile performance for the sense of physical properties of 3D virtual objects in a virtual environment of immersion and augmented reality

• Development of tactile and visual interfaces for handling 3D virtual objects in a virtual immersion and augmented reality environment

• Development of interactive storytelling in a virtual environment of immersion and augmented reality of cultural interest, with content to document findings and highlight historical cultural elements associated with

• Development of a final CuRVE application Impact of expected results:
   • For visitors of cultural sites: acquaintance with technology and with the sources of History and Culture, development of critical thinking, understanding, rescue and dissemination of values ??of History and Culture
   • For Cultural Organizations: enrichment and technological upgrade of demonstration workshops for the documentation and promotion of historical cultural elements
   • For Business: improving the quality of digital audiovisual services and products, boosting productivity at regional and national level, enhancing the exportable nature of services and products
   • For the research community: increase of significant research potential, offer of new knowledge and technique
   • For the local and wider area: economic benefits (increase of Cultural Tourism and jobs), social benefits (increase of traffic by people of higher educational level, understanding and dissemination of History and Culture values)
   • For the socio-economic development of the country, promotion of Cultural tourism and creation of new jobs and professional opportunities.