The objective of CuRVE is the development of an innovative anthropocentric application, which will combine the latest achievements of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality technologies (AR) and Interactive Storytelling (ST) to document and highlight historical elements of culture, influencing the way visitor perceives his presence in the cultural space and turning him into an active user of culture.

With the use of AR and VR technology, personalized experiences and interaction with a virtually immersion environment will be allowed using a VR treadmill, headphones, a special VR mask and devices for interacting with virtual objects (eg gloves).
The personalized navigation will be performed by a virtual character (avatar) while the individualized interaction will be achieved by realistic stimulation of the human senses corresponding to the sense of the physical properties of 3D virtual objects. Tactile and dynamic feedback devices will be developed and implemented (ultrahaptics technology) for reproducing the sense of touch and handling virtual objects remotely.

In addition, by using multimedia (audio narratives, images, two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations), the visitor will have access to interactive information of his choice, which connects elements of his virtual space with History, Culture and the influence of time.

With the use of AR and VR technology, individualized tour and interaction will be allowed in the demonstration laboratory with the use of specialized virtual VR glasses or smart mobile device (tablet or smart phone) with integrated technologies of image recognition, location, motion and direction sensors.

The personalized navigation will be performed by a virtual character (avatar) while the personalized interaction with the virtual 3D objects will be done with the use of graphical environment and with the use of ultrasonic technology for the sense of the texture of the surface and the shape. 

In addition, through a suitable menu the user will have access to relevant interactive multimedia information and the documentation that connects it with other artifacts and historical events.
Objectives of CuRVE: CuRVE aims to create a human-centered technological application, to familiarize with the sources of Culture, observation, investigation, and critical approach to their data, and therefore their preservation and promotion.

More specifically, the project’s objectives are:
1. The creation of a faithful representation of an environment scene, 3D virtual objects and virtual characters (avatars), using AR technology

2. The creation of additional 3D virtual information in the real world and in spatial and temporal correlation with it, using VR technology

3. The ability to interact with 3D virtual environments as well as with real objects, in a virtual immersion environment and AR

4. The creation of tactile and visual interfaces for handling 3D virtual objects in a virtual immersion and AR environment

5. The creation of storytelling using static and dynamic audiovisual material in a virtual immersion environment and VR, with content for the documentation of cultural objects and for the highlighting of the historical cultural elements with which they are connected

6. The creation of a unified system for the strengthening of a demonstration workshop of cultural space, using AR, VR and ST, for the personalized documentation and promotion of cultural elements

7. The testing of the unified system in real conditions of a demonstration laboratory of a cultural institution

8. The evaluation of the integrated system by the end users and the creation of a final improved application

9. The diffusion and utilization of the project results