VR Scene - work in progress - Oct 2021

CuRVE is an innovative system that combines the latest achievements of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Storytelling (ST) technologies to document and highlight historical elements of culture. With the use of VR and ST technologies, CuRVE will allow personalized tour and interaction in a virtual immersive environment of cultural interest associated with the exhibits of the demonstration workshop. The immersive virtual visit will take place with the use of VR treadmill, Head Mounted Display (HMD), headphones and devices for the interaction with the virtual objects.

The project will allow realistic irritation of human senses (such as touch, vision, hearing) and develop the corresponding rendering to enable sensing of the physical properties of 3D virtual objects, and personilised interaction of the visitor with the virtual world.

With the use of AR and ST technologies, CuRVE will allow personalized guided tours and interactions with the virtual 3D objects of the open lab’s exhibition. The visitor will be able to zoom, rotate the 3D virtual representations, to observe the reconstructed version, and to receive knowledge about associated historical cultural elements.

With the use of ultrahaptic technology, the visitor will be able to feel the texture of the surface and the shape of the object of his/her interest bridging the gap between his / her experiences, knowledge and preferences, with cultural artifacts that represent a different time and space.

Museum of the Macedonian Struggle - The Showcase

During the 1st Balkan War, on the night of October 18th 1912, Nikolaos Votsis, a courageous lieutenant of the Greek Military Navy leaded the expedition that fired a torpedo and destroyed the decommissioned battleship Fethi Bulent, which was used as an administrative base of the Turks and was a symbol of the Ottoman power.

The ship’s wreck lies in the bottom of the sea inside Thessaloniki’s port since.

With CuRVE we will create a custom-made experience for the visitors of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle that will take them back in time and make them ‘live’ the night of the fight. The visitor will be able to walk on the Greek ship that fired the torpedo, touch several equipment, learn by living the experience.

The project started on May 2020 and will be completed by Spring 2023.

Participants - Beneficiaries

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science –  Visualization & Virtual Reality Group of University of Patras

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